My name is Keith Lannon.  I was born out of my father’s family name of Brinicombe, brought up by my Grandmother of my mother’s name Lannon, and perceived by both sides of the family as “belonging to the other side.”  Sort that one out at your own leisure.

I am a Christian. I was brought up totally godless, and was converted 21st April 1968. It was the day after my 19th birthday. Born 20th April 1949 – you will know how old I am when you read these notes. If I am not alive when you read them, you may not have a clue , but I do want you to know I was called by an inner compulsion of the Holy Spirit with a whole string of significant confirmations within myself and given by others  many years ago to work full time for God. In plain street language, I became a minister.

There have been lots of ins and outs, ups and down, and round the courses of life that have brought me to where I now am.

Jumping ahead (this is not the appropriate time for an autobiography)…

I recently discovered amid boxes, trunks and cases a whole load of notes, quotes, anecdotes and stuff that I have used over the last half a century or so to facilitate  public presentation of my faith in Christ and my whole world view.

They might be considered total tosh by some, and tantalising treasure by others. To me it causes oodles of satisfaction to remember what, where and when I delivered these addresses or told a joke or a story.

I have been a preacher, a bible teacher, a bible college lecturer, a school headmaster, an Advice Centre Manager and a Conference speaker. I have spoken in USA, England Scotland, Ireland and Wales, I have lectured and preached in France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, South Korea, and other places I can’t remember. I have addressed groups as small as 5 or 6 and as large as 25-30,000. I have been personally invited by Christian bodies and organisations, and I have asked some if they could kindly make room for me.  I have had people tell me I was the worst speaker they have ever heard, and I have been told by others that I was so wonderful I should have a worldwide platform. I have been told I should read more, I have been told I read too much. I have been told I speak too long, and by others I speak too short.  I am too animated when I speak – I am not animated enough. I am fascinating to listen to, I am incredibly boring. I have listened to all my critics whether they were full of praise or detrimental put downs. I listen. I asses. And then I plough my furrow.

I have had my books and notes stolen, and I have more often than not spoken without notes and had transcriptions given back to me by audiences.

These notes are posted in an almost random order. The one or two folders I have found in some kind of order I have posted them in that order.

Use them freely as you wish…or not. You don’t have to quote me, although it would be very nice if you did. Invite me to speak at your place if you wish, I would be happy to come … depending on travel etc etc.

Happy referencing.

Keith Lannon